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There are simple provisions that we all need just to get through the day without damaging our health. At certain times of year those provisions will change for many reasons. The prices are seldom stable and so we make sure every penny or donated tin, packet and box is used efficiently and effectively.

Supermarket brands are cost a effective way for us to stock up and really help people in need.

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Thanks to your kind donations and unfortunately the growing need in the community we have a very busy week every week.

When a need has been identified and referred to us we can start provisioning for that person or family. Our aim is simple, to help those who need it the most but who have fallen through the cracks in the system.

Once the goods are packed we deliver.

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Off to feed a mum and son tonight after she was referred to us by CAB but turned away by job centre. Works and has done for 28 yrs. Off work ill at the moment and has 71pence left to last her 2 weeks.
An unexpected water leak has given her a £250 bill as she on a meter, debited from her bank account .
So glad we will help her tonight she was very upset

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UK food bank reliance ‘triples’ The study calls on the government to improve the monitoring and recording of data on food poverty More than half a million UK people may rely on food banks, says a study by Church Action Poverty and Oxfam. It blames benefit cuts, unemployment and the increased cost of living for the growth in hunger and poverty.



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Rhyl Food Bank


The King’s Storehouse is the Rhyl Food Bank.

We would all love to eat healthy fresh food every day but the fact is that many people can’t afford to put any food on the table never mind fresh food.The purpose of The King’s Storehouse is first and foremost to help those who for whatever reason, find themselves on hard times and to try to put food in their bellies. But the long term vision of The King’s Storehouse is to give people a hand up and not just a handout. A hand out whilst important, addresses just the symptoms and meets the need briefly but fails to address the problem. A hand up, seeks to address the cause and tries to help people back on their feet so that in time, they become a contributor in society and not just a receiver.


 The Kings Storehouse

The Kin’s Storehouse has, for all intent and purposes become the Rhyl Food Bank, a desperately needed resource in a town that doesn’t look as though it needs it, but scratch beneath the surface and you find real people with stories to break your heart while their stomachs cry out for simple foods.

Started in 2012, when as a church we saw people all around us who had come upon hard times – some through no fault of their own. We rose to the challenge to try to meet some of the needs.

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